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Full Moon

Our Kings

TICA Champion USAPurrs "Hawthorn" of MoonSeed

- 100% Traditional Pedigree -


I am very much in love with my boy. Hawthorn is a superb example of the Ragdoll breed. His pedigree is 100% traditional (no outcrossing).  97% of his pedigree can be traced back to the original Ragdoll cats owned by Anne Baker. His features are stunning. He has a nice large build & body size. He is independent yet extremely gentle and affectionate. He is a total floof with a large fanning tail, and a gorgeous soft coat. His most predominate feature is his personality. He is very easy going, he may be large but he still manages to totally melt into my lap. He is very much a "floppy cat", he will go completely limp in surrender when held. He is a total lover boy!


His kittens are amazing!

Large bodies/boning and that temperament that I love!!! 

We are blessed with gorgeous kittens from this precious king in 2022. 

We are furrever grateful to Brianne Defoe of USAPurrs for our boy & allowing me to work with these amazing traditional lines.  

Congratulations Hawthorn on becoming TICA's second best blue mitted Ragdoll of the year 21' for the Great Lakes Region!!!

Color:          Blue 

Pattern:       Mitted w/ a blaze

Dam:            USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Darling

Sire:             Dollhaven World Class Traveler

Blood type:  A

Genotype:  N/N

FIV/FELV/HWT:     Neg/Neg/Neg

Genetic Diversity (Heterozygosity) 37%

Free of Genetic mutation/ carrier traits - See Report

Our Queens

Buttercuprags "Gaia" of Moonseed

Gaia is a seal mitted gal with remarkable deep blue eyes, and a tiny blaze. She is a super social butterfly! She is usually found directly under foot or in someone's lap. Her coat is densely plush & soft and when she is held she completely melts into a state of total surrender. Gaia is the main star in many of our Instagram stories. She is fascinated with my 4 year old daughter, our dog, tiny pom-poms and our Roomba. I love watching her. I dare say she has the best personality of any cat I've ever known. I am grateful to Gaia's breeder, Jessica of Buttercuprags, because she socialized Gaia so well as a kitten with her young children. I think that helped shape her best qualities. I am pleased to say that her kittens have shared this same temperament. Scroll through Gaia's photo gallery to see some of her gorgeous kittens. I am really grateful to have her in my cattery. 

Color:          Seal  (carries dilute)

Pattern:       Mitted 

Dam:            Of Elisir Illinois "Anna"

Sire:             Allstarrags "Butter" 

Blood Type: AB

genotype:  c/b

FIV/FELV/HWT:     Neg/Neg/Neg 

Free of Genetic mutation/ carrier traits - See Report

Mirumkitty "Primrose" of MoonSeed
- From Hungary -

Primrose  came to us all the way from Hungary.

She was bred by Judit Jozán of Mirumkitty. 

Primrose's sire is TICA's Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Handsome as Hell, and he is just that! "Prim" arrived March 2021 and has settled in very nicely.  She is very interested in anything that my 4 year old daughter is doing, and never misses an opportunity to rub up against our dog Flori. Primrose is a kitten at heart. She has a very lovely expression and is maturing into a stunning gal. I especially love her eyes. 

Color:          Seal (carries dilute)

Pattern:       Bicolor 

Dam:            MirumKitty Alizka

Sire:             TICA LA Mirumkitty  Handsome as Hell

FIV/FELV/HWT:     Neg/Neg/Neg 

Blood Type: A

Genotype: A/b

Heterozygosity (genetic diversity) 29%

Supurrsonic Dream a Lil Dream of MoonSeed


- From Poland -


"Dream" is a gorgeous girl that came from the longest standing cattery in Poland, Supurrsonic. Dominika has been raising award winning Ragdolls for the past 17 years. I am grateful for her trust, and for the opportunity to work with these lines. Dream is delightfully sweet and loves to snuggle while making air biscuits. She is a very low key, mellow, docile floppy love. She is robust with a perfect Ragdoll coat - pure bunny fur. 

On a mellow factor scale of 1-10, I would say Dream is a 9.8.

She is more than I had hoped for,  and so easy to love. Her favorite past time is cat-loafing on her back swishing her tail while purring and kneading air biscuits.  Thank you Dominika. 


   Color: Seal (carries dilute)

   Pattern: Bicolor

   Dam:  Supurrsonic*PL LUCY IN THE SKY 

   Sire:  ES*Busi-Bú HEAVEN

   Blood Type: A

   Genotype: A/b

   FELV/FIV/HWT  neg/neg/neg

   Heterozygosity (genetic diversity) 33%



    Dream's Pedigree >

Moonseed Love-in-a-Mist 



- First Generation Moonseed Ragdoll -

Cleome is a first generation Moonseed Ragdoll. Born from two very special Ragdolls. Our award winning foundation king, HappyKatRags "Day Tripper" & our beloved Buttercuprags "Gaia" who is the heart and soul of our cattery. 

Cleome & her sister, Coco, will continue the lynx lines in our program. 

Cleome brings the size of her sire, and the iconic Ragdoll temperament of both her parents. She is a true floppy, mellow, docile, and extremely affection social "puppy cat". 

I am extremely pleased by her development in both temperament and type. Cleome never complains. She is a very content, patient, and easy going gal. She is also confident and eager to meet every stranger. 



   Color: Blue (lynx)

   Pattern: mitted

   Dam:  Buttercuprags Gaia of Moonseed 

   Sire: TICA RW QGC, CFA CH, CFF MST HappyKatRags "Tripp"

   Blood Type: A

   Genotype: A/c (AB)

   FELV/FIV/HWT  neg/neg/neg

   Heterozygosity (genetic diversity) 35%




  View Cleome's Pedigree >

Color:          Blue (Lynx)

Pattern:       Mitted 

Dam:            CFA & CFF CH. Bing Bing Bing of HappyKatRags

Sire:             TICA & CFA Champion, CFF Master Grand Champion 

                     USAPurrs  Phoenix Rises From Ashes


Status: - RETIRED - 



- Moonseed Love-in-a-Mist "Cleome" RAG a 04 21

- Moonseed Coral Bells "Coco Cora" RAG n 04 21

- CFA Champion Moonseed "Mae Dae" of HappykatRags RAG a

  This award winning stunner came to us from Lisa Simione of HappyKatRags Her kindness to me is an example of the positivity and support amongst the Ragdoll breeding community, and I am truly so grateful to her.


"Tripp" is a stunning blue lynx mitted boy. He is our FIRST foundation king. He is the sweetest most "in your face" lover boy. When I mean "in your face" I am referring to the fact that he had to head bunt and kiss me face to face every single day. Day Tripper loved everypawdy, and he was a very gentle sire. His kittens have made several families happy, and have allowed us to continue on with the lynx pattern in our cattery. 

His type and temperament are now apart of our foundation. What a gift, truly.  

It was hard to say "goodbye" to Tripp. He is the type of cat that makes a long lasting impression.

His breeder, Lisa Simione of HappyKatRags is much the same.


Good cats come from good people. 

Thank you, Lisa, for this opportunity, and thank you for everything!

Click on the link to learn more about HappyKatRagdolls of New Hampshire and their award winning Ragdolls!

Happy Kat Rags.jpeg


HappyKatRags "Day Tripper" (we call him Tripp)

TICA RW QGC, CFF Master Grand Champion, & CFA champion

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