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The Ragdoll Cat  
By: Moonseed 

The Ragdoll cat is considered a newer breed of cat. The breed was designed by Ann Baker in the 1960's. 

You may learn more about the breed's history by visiting:

The Ragdoll cat has remarkable blue eyes, an angelic face, and large body w/ a plush silky coat and a fanning tail.

The Ragdoll's large stature is defined by heavy boning, and musculature that allow the breed to be sturdy - yet, surprisingly, 

when held, Ragdolls will completely melt or "go limp" within their owner's arms. This is a physical sign of 

their trusting & docile nature, and an attribute that makes them very unique and sought offer. 

I love this breed and could continue for days about their qualities, however, when you bring

your kitten/cat home you will discover for yourself many delightful qualities not common to all cats. 

These attributes are synonymous with the Ragdoll cat: 

floppy, docile, sweet, large, fluffy, dazzling, puppy-like, loyal, affectionate, independent, clever, sociable, curious, playful, involved, friendly, angelic, floof, quiet, regal. 

Colors & Patterns 

The Ragdoll cat is a pointed breed (always with blue eyes of varying shade)

They come in the following colors:

Dominate colors:  Seal, Chocolate, Flame, (Tortishell in the dominate shades).

Dilute colors: Blue, Lilac, Cream, (Tortieshell in the dilute shades).

The Lynx pattern is a product of the Agouti gene being turned "on" to produce a ticking or tabby pattern.

Patterns: Colorpoint, Mitted, Bicolor (True Bicolor, High Mitted Bicolor) Mid-High White 

The Information Below is available at  These are great resources to learn more about the Ragdoll breed:

The TICA Ragdoll Breed Introduction PDF

The TICA Ragdoll Breed Seminar powerpoint PDF

The TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard PDF - Show standard

One of the best ways to experience this amazing breed for the first time is to attend a cat show! 

Here is The International Cat Association (TICA)'s 2021 show schedule. 

Even though we live in strange times (pandemic-era), cat shows are still occurring. 

When you check the show schedule for a location near you, be sure to check if the show will be "open to public". 

If so, you may attend as a spectator & bring the family as well! 

My daughter and I both find the cat shows to be a lot of fun.

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