The Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is considered a newer breed of cat. The breed was designed by Ann Baker in the 1960's. 

You may learn more about the breed's history here.

The Ragdoll cat has remarkable blue eyes, an angelic face, and large body w/ a plush silky coat and a fanning tail.

The Ragdoll's large stature is defined by heavy boning, and musculature that allow the breed to be sturdy - yet, surprisingly, 

when held, Ragdolls will completely melt or "go limp" within their owner's arms. This is a physical sign of 

their trusting & docile nature, and an attribute that makes them very unique and sought offer. 

I love this breed and could continue for days about their qualities, however, when you bring

your kitten/cat home you will discover for yourself many delightful qualities not common to all cats. 

These attributes are synonymous with the Ragdoll cat: 

floppy, docile, sweet, large, fluffy, dazzling, puppy-like, loyal, affectionate, clever, sociable, curious, playful. 

Colors & Patterns 

The Ragdoll cat is a pointed breed (always with blue eyes of varying shade)

They come in the following colors:

Dominate colors:  Seal, Chocolate, Flame, Tortishell in the dominate shades.

Dilute colors: Blue, Lilac, Cream, Tortieshell in the dilute shades.

The Lynx pattern is a product of the Agouti gene being turned "on" to produce a ticking or tabby.

Patterns: Colorpoint, mitted, Bicolor, bicolor highwhite

To see examples of Ragdoll breed confirmation including color & patterns  click here.