We are a TICA & CFA registered cattery dedicated to promoting the qualities and traits that make the Ragdoll the ideal family companion. 

MoonSeed Ragdolls sire, USAPurrs Hawthorn is a blue mitted Ragdoll cat with stunning blue eyes. A gorgeous cat.


Moon Clouds


Through selective breeding and showing we intend to preserve and promote the iconic traits that make the Ragdoll the ideal feline companion. We value health, temperament, and maintaining the breed standard.

Ethical Breeding 

As a home-based cattery, we strive to maintain the balance of health &  wellness for each member of our household, that includes our cats!

Illuminated Rock

Our Cats 

Our gorgeous breeding cats carry diverse pedigrees which include parentage of champion and traditional lines. Our sire, Day Tripper has championed in CFA, TICA, CFF, and was voted "cream of the crop" by Ragdoll Fancier's World Wide. Our sire, Hawthorn, has a selective pedigree that can be traced back to the original cats owned by Ann Baker! We love the large body type of the Ragdoll paired with the signature "floppy" and "puppy-like"  nature.   

Full Moon


I appreciate your interest in adopting one of my kittens.  I kindly ask that you read through the adoption information  first, and if you are ready to adopt a MoonSeed kitten, please fill out the following form, I will then contact you to complete the interview process.  

Tiger Lily of MoonSeed Ragdolls is a very popular and stunning blue lynx female ragdoll cat.

Raised With Love

We are a small, home-based cattery located in Athens, Ohio.

We are a cageless cattery, meaning our ragdolls are raised in areas of

our home & in cattery rooms designed for their comfort & wellness. 

Ragdolls are very social felines. 

It is best for them (and for us) to be a part

of the daily interactions of their human family. 

Hawthorn of MoonSeed Ragdolls is a show quality blue mitted Ragdoll male cat with a blaze.


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Click the button below for the Adoption Inquiry Form 

This inquiry form is now active for 2022 kitten deposits. 

Potential adopters can use the form to request interview to adopt 

available kittens/cats, and to place deposit for future litters. 

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