TICA & CFA registered cattery dedicated to promoting the qualities and traits that make the Ragdoll the ideal family companion. 



Home Raised with Love

We are a small, home-based cattery located in Athens, Ohio.

Our cats are never caged. Ragdolls are very social felines & it is best for them (and for us) to be a part of the daily interactions of their human family. 


Through selective breeding and showing we intend to preserve and promote the iconic traits that make the Ragdoll the ideal feline companion. 

Ethical Breeding 

As a home-based cattery, we strive to maintain the balance of health &  wellness for each member of our household, that includes our cats!

Our Cats 

We are very grateful for our cats. In 2020 we welcomed into our budding cattery our future king & 2 future queens. We are pleased to have both traditional and champion bloodlines in the mix, and we look forward to welcoming our 3rd queen soon...


We anticipate kittens very early in 2021.

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Cattery Contact Info: 

Breeder: Stephanie Rawlins​

Location: Ohio, USA

Email: moonseedragdolls@gmail.com
Tel:  614-940-5632 (call or text)

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