Available Kittens

Updated July 23, 2021:

Please see Adoption Information for more on the application ---> Reservation process.

I do not have kittens available for adoption at this time. 
 I am no longer taking deposits on future kittens. Those who have filled out the inquiry form and requested an interview will be contacted. I will work off that "waitlist" until it is exhausted, and then I will post available kittens here on my website. Thank you for your interest in my cattery!

You can view many more photos of our Ragdoll cats and kitten on our Instagram page!

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Litter Plans

Day Tripper x Tiger Lilly


Kitten Reservations:   All KITTENS ARE RESERVED

Kitten Colors:     

 all blue

(some lynx)

Possible Kitten Patterns:   

Mitted and bicolor

Day Tripper X Nova

Kitten Reservations:   See  Adoption Form

Kitten Colors:

Flame, Cream, Blue Tortoiseshell, Seal Tortoiseshell

(lynx possible)

Possible Kitten Patterns

mitted and bicolor

 Hawthorn X Primrose

Kitten Reservations:  See Adoption Form

Kitten Colors:

Blue & Seal 

Possible Kitten Patterns

mitted and bicolor