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Cat & Kitten Supplies

These products are ones that we use with our Ragdoll cats, or that we recommend. 
We make a small commission from using affiliated links, however, the purpose of this page is to help provide
information so that you can make informed purchases. 

We recommend the following commercial cat foods:


Click on the image to be directed
to this product online.Also sold at Petsmart.


Get your kitty crack here

Choosing a commercial cat food:

When searching for the right food for your cat just remember that cats are obligate carnivores. They 
are evolutionarily designed to be the ultimate predator for small game. Do not buy a food because it says "Ragdoll" on it. Ignore the clever advertising and read the ingredient label. 

A cat needs a ratio of meat, organ meat, bone, and certain minerals, and that is about it for what they absolutely need (because they are obligate carnivores). So, look at the ingredient list for those items to be listed FIRST (that which appears first in the ingredient list makes up the bulk of the food).
Unnecessary ingredients include: grains, thickening agents, added flavors, coloring and preservatives. These items bring the cost down which is why they are considered "fillers". So, if cost is a concern than those items will likely be present in your choice of food, so just remember: Rule of thumb: focus on the top 3 ingredients and try to keep them as (meat, organs, bone). 

Pet food brands to consider for your Ragdoll cat:
Click on the company name in bold to be directed to website

Nulo limited cat/kitten food is an American brand that offers the best quality dry food per cost on the market currently. 
It is sold exclusively at Petsmart stores, also on & some on Amazon.

Orijen cat food is a Canadian brand. Canadian pet food quality standards are higher than American.

Fromm is a great American company that offers dry and wet food. The cost point is driven down by healthier "fillers" such
as limited amounts of fruit, vegetables, and some products have starches like sweet potato.
This company offers incentive programs
for cat breeders.

Ziwi Pets  is a New Zealand brand that offers "air-dried cat food" which they claim is a healthy alternative to raw diets.
The product quality seems higher than the American standard, and so does the price.

 Kitten families: you will receive a preparation PDF when your kitten turns 11 weeks old.
It will detail what your kitten is eating so that you can prepare before your kitten goes home. 


cat treats!

Water fountains are a must. Some cats will flat out refuse to drink stagnant water no matter how fresh. This fountain is affordable and holds up well.

I absolutely love this product. I have used Feliway for several years and

I keep these in every room.

good for introducing new cat to multi-cat household

Raised food bowls help reduce the incidence of 

regurgitation. I highly recommend

feeding your cat from raised bowls.

Litter boxes for large cats

Ragdolls are the second largest cat breed. These boxes work for their size & stature.

Litter Robot 3 Connect is our #1 choice for Ragdoll litter box! Seriously, this is a must have. Click on the product to receive  $25 off your purchase.

Litter Box Supplies


This is a new litter from catit. It is made from pea husks Great for kittens and cats. 100% natural and there is very minimal dust , and tracking is minimal. A favorite for sure. Purchased from the website. Click the photo to be directed. 


I really love this litter by World's Best Cat

you can find it at Walmart (click on photo for link). This litter is good for Stud males, queens, kittens, and cats that are being litter or litter box transitioned. Also for cats that will not use the box. I like the quality of this litter as well. It is biodegradable, scent-free, and 100% natural.

This is an herbal litter attractant that I use on my 3 week old kittens for litter training. It works! I have also used it to get adult cats to use new litter boxes. 

This is another great litter. Comes in bags of 40# for a nice price. It is also sold at Petsmart. I have been liking this one a bit more than World's Best lately. 

Cat Toys

Some of the best cat toys are on!

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