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Becoming one of the Best Ragdoll Breeders In Ohio


Hello Everypawdy!

This is officially my very first blog post. If you are new to Moonseed Ragdolls, my name is Stephanie, and I am the creator and caretaker here at Moonseed.

Our Ragdoll cattery started out as a hobby that I could share with my 2 children, and has grown in popularity in the past 3 years. Our love, dedication, and passion are what have driven us to become one of the Best Ragdoll Breeders in Ohio.

This is my very first, but certainly not last blog post. Welcome!

I hope to use this blog to reach cat enthusiasts who wish to learn more about this amazing breed.

This first post will be short and sweet. I thought to myself, what better way to start a blog than with good news. I am so grateful to celebrate 3 very successful years of breeding pedigree Ragdoll cats. I have learned so much, and have been able to meet some really amazing people through kitten adoptions, showing, and networking.

So much has happened these last three years, and I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge and share some of the really awesome parts that go into becoming one of the Best Ragdoll Breeders in Ohio:

60% of Moonseed Ragdoll adopters within the last year were return adopters!

To have so many return adopters this last year has been tremendous, because not only do I get to catch up with some of my previously adopted kittens, but I also get vital feedback on my Ragdoll breeding program.

Return adopters have welcomed their second, third, and even their 4th Moonseed kittles. (if you are not sure what a kittle is, please check out this adorable Instagram post)

For those who do not have Instagram, Kittle is the term my 5 year old uses for kitten cuddles!

From the start of my cattery, I have strived to maintain healthy Ragdolls that now only were gorgeous and adhered to the Ragdoll show standards, but most importantly Ragdolls that embodied the iconic Ragdoll temperament.

Moonseed Ragdolls Accomplishments:

Moonseed Has Been Featured on Several Ragdoll sites:

To assist me in making this very first post of mine a bit more interesting, I would like to introduce you to this super cute Moonseed floof:

This little beauty is "Tiny Tuff Stuff" and she was very recently adopted by a return adopter who is welcoming home her 4th Moonseed Ragdoll kitten!

"Tuff's" family is the second to welcome a 4th Moonseed kitten this past year.

"Tuff" is a blue mitted Ragdoll kitten with a blaze. She was named after a hydrangea variety, as were her siblings, but she is in no way tough!

In fact, both her type & temperament is absolutely what I strive for in my breeding program. She is not only gorgeous, but so very sweet, loving, relaxed in all situations, and just such a "flop".

"Tuff" is now named "Potato" and I am grateful to call Potato's meowmie a friend.

Potato will soon be on our youtube channel and also a part of our next blog post which will offer helpful techniques for owners who want to learn how to positively transition kittens into their new homes.

If you look on our Instagram Page you will find reels with more stories of Moonseed return adopters.

If you are already apart of the Moonseed Ragdoll family, are considering joining, or are interesting in learning more about this amazing breed, please stay tuned for more blog posts!

Thank you for reading, please give your floof a pet for me.

Furrever yours,

Steph & the floofs

Next Blog Post: How To Properly Transition Your Kitten To Their New Home


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