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"One cat just leads to another" - Ernest Hemmingway

Our King

USAPurrs "Hawthorn" of MoonSeed

- 100% Traditional Pedigree -


I am very much in love with our foundation king. Hawthorn is a superb example of the Ragdoll breed. His pedigree is 100% traditional with lines dating back to the original Ragdoll cats owned by Anne Baker. His features are stunning, He has a nice large build & body size. He is independent yet extremely gentle and affectionate. He is a total floof with a large fanning tail, and a gorgeous soft coat. His most predominate feature is his personality. Adaptable and easy going, he may be large but he still manages to totally melt into my lap. He is very much a "floppy cat", a total lover boy! I hope that all these lovely traits are passed along to his future offspring. We are furrever grateful to Brianne Defoe for our boy.  

Color:          Blue 

Pattern:       Mitted w/ a blaze

Dam:            USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Darling

Sire:             Dollhaven World Class Traveler

Blood:          Type A

HCM:            Negative

PKD:             Negative

FIV/FELV:     Neg/neg 2020

Our Queens

Gaia is a seal mitted gal with remarkable deep blue eyes, and a tiny blaze. She is a social butterfly! She is usually found directly under foot or in someone's lap. Her coat is densely plush & soft and when she is held she completely melts into a state of total surrender. Gaia is the main star in many of our daily Instagram videos. She is fascinated with my 3 year old daughter and I love watching the two of them play. We were fortunate that Gaia's breeder, Jessica, had socialized Gaia so well as a kitten with her young children! My hope is that her captivating features & personality will be passed on to her kittens. 

Color:          Seal    (BBDd)

Pattern:       Mitted 

Dam:            Of Elisir Illinois "Anna"

Sire:             Allstarrags "Butter" 

Blood:          Type AB

HCM:            Negative

PKD:             Negative

FIV/FELV:     Neg/neg 2020

Rapture "Tiger Lilly" of MoonSeed

Tiger Lilly is a lovely blue lynx bicolor born from champion & grand champion parentage. She is a very sweet and dainty girl. She has captivating blue eyes. Her fur is a long and silky (my favorite coat). She is a very calm cat, but when she is pet she begins dancing in place with her sweet little "prancing paws." Her markings are very lovely. She has the cutest tufts of fur sprawling out form her paw pads. Like all of our cats she too is very outgoing, independent, and affectionate. A loyalist for my attention. 

Color:          Blue  

Pattern:       Lynx, bi-color 

Dam:            CH. Ragmatical Lily ov the Valley

Sire:             GRC. Ragmatical Archangel

Blood:          Type A

HCM:            Negative

PKD:             Negative

FIV/FELV:     Neg/Neg 2020

DSJewels "Supurr" Nova of MoonSeed

Nova is a Red or Flame Bi-color Ragdoll. It is not often you see a flame colored female. We are very blessed to have her in our cattery. She has a long and large body type (which is something we treasure around here) and super soft fur. She has a strong profile and her flame color & bicolor pattern are beginning to come in nicely. As she grows we will continue to see the red pigment increase. She has a superb Ragdoll personality! I am very excited to watch this baby grow. She will bring the following colors into our cattery in 2022: red, tortishell, and cream. We are very grateful to Dena Icks for our girl. 

Color:          Flame (red)  

Pattern:      bicolor 

Dam:           RW SGC DSJewels Ayano

Sire:             DSJewels Theo Ryo

Blood type:          pending

FIV/FELV:     Neg/Neg on 11/2020

Genetic test results pending

Buttercuprags "Gaia" of Moonseed

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Buttercuprags "Gaia"

Gaia as a baby kitten. Photo taken by Jessica of Buttercuprags.