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Ragdoll Cats and Kittens for Sale

A litter of blue Ragdoll kittens

The following kittens are now available for adoption

To adopt a Moonseed Kitten for adoption, you must first fill out an application form.

These kittens are ready to go to forever homes, you may view all that is included with a Moonseed kitten adoption here:

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Welcome to our Ragdoll Cattery! We have a selection of beautiful, socialized Ragdoll Kittens available for sale in Columbus, Ohio. We take pride in breeding show and pet quality kittens, ensuring that they are healthy and well taken care of. Browse our available Ragdoll kittens for sale here.

Please fill out an adoption application and select whether you wish to adopt now, or join waitlist.

To adopt our kittens, the full payment will be due within 24 hours of kitten selection/and approval. 

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies before proceeding:

Click here for Adoption Information Page >

Update for June 2024:

Our Summer waitlist has selected their kittens for adoption.


We have 3 kittens remaining available for adoption now.

Take home date for these babies will be in July.

if interested in adopting now, please fill out adoption form and I will contact you by email. Please do not place a deposit if you wish to adopt a Summer kitten. They typically adopt fast. The best way to reach me to adopt kittens that are available now is to fill out the application form, then email me directly to express your intention. 

Our Fall waitlist has availability.

To join our waitlist for kittens born this Fall, please fill out an application. You will need to place a deposit to join. I will follow up by email. 

Thank you, 



Fall litters will be born August-October & kittens will go home at 14 weeks old.

All colors and patterns expected. 

To adopt, please join our waitlist by filling out an application and placing the required deposit. It is important to familiarize yourself with our adoption information page which contains a lot of information for commonly asked questions before officially joining our waitlist: 

Adoption Information Tab>

Here is what our adopters say about Moonseed
These reviews are gathered from our Facebook page.
Click on each person's name to be directed to their review on FB

My experience with Moonseed Ragdolls has been nothing short of extraordinary. If you are looking for a Ragdoll cat or kitten for your family, I highly recommend Stephanie to pair you with a kitten that will be a good fit for your family & lifestyle. What makes a Moonseed Ragdoll so very special is the way that the kittens are loved and carefully socialized from birth. The love that Stephanie and her family have for them is heartwarming, and she works very hard to match her kittens with the best possible adopter and have a forever home for the kittens. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable about cats, and her passion for the Ragdoll breed shines in her kittens! They are docile, floppy, loyal, and sweet…everything a Ragdoll should be! She is honest, ethical, and trustworthy and she truly loves her cats. She is always willing to answer questions and stays in touch with adopters from the time they are approved as an adopter, to “gotcha day” and beyond. Her cats are in extremely good health, and my veterinarian was extremely pleased with the health of the retired Ragdoll had I recently adopted. He knew of Stephanie’s reputation as a responsible and respected breeder. My Ragdoll is everything I had wanted in my cat. She loyal, beautiful, docile, sweet, and self assured. She is my girl, and my heart is so full. In as few weeks I will be welcoming her last kitten to share her furrever home, and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you’re looking for a Ragdoll kitten, you’ve come to the right place and you’ll be glad you chose a Moonseed Ragdoll.






Hi I have been working with Moonseed Ragdolls for a year and a half now. I was thinking about getting one kitty. After seeing the beautiful kitties that Moonseed Ragdolls produced I got 2 kittens. They are perfect. Then I went back for one more. He is also wonderful. They are such social butterflies. They love being around each other and people. They also let my little grandchildren hold them and play with them. They are so beautiful and perfect that I’m getting one more Stephanie is an honest and reputable breeder. These kittens are hand raised by Stephanie and her family. They are very loving and well socialized. I have had cats all my life and loved them all. But these kitties have stolen my heart. As Stevie (Cantaloupe) sits in my lap

Where to start...ok - to give a bit of a back story, we had a pretty traumatic experience with a different breeder the year before and our sweet baby at 1 year old passed away from a mixture of issues due to inbreeding. Suffice it to say, after that I was so scared to open my heart again, that it took me a while but after seeing how the loss was affecting our Maine coon and other Ragdoll, we made the decision as a family to try again. I messaged and spoke to countless catteries and breeders over a 3-month period and thank my lucky stars, I finally found Steph at MoonSeed and I knew I had found the one! From the first contact with her, she was not only knowledgeable about the breed, but also so sweet and kind and I knew I could trust her.

We were a little worried as our Maine coon (Loki) was almost 4 then and our other Ragdoll (Freya) was almost 2 and we wanted to make sure we had a kitten that would be ok with other cats in the home.

Isabella, (now known as Nova) came home to us on 7/10/2022 and it has been nothing short of a miracle. She loves both my husband and me and adores her new brother and sister, as they do her. From the moment she got here, it was so evident to see the love and care that Steph and her family put into their kittens. MoonSeed ragdolls are raised in a home filled with so much love and kindness that they exude the same on their new parents and siblings. The transition period for our other two cats was so seamless, it was almost like Nova had been here from the start. With her here now, it truly feels like our home is complete.

She always runs and greets my husband at the door with purrs each day. I work from home and call her my little white shadow as she goes where I go, whether at my desk working or on my lunch break, she is right there with me. One of her (many) nicknames we have for her is Purr-monster, as all it takes is one pet and she automatically purrs and makes her little biscuits.

After going through so much sadness with our other experience, Steph, in her knowledge and wisdom of all things Ragdoll, was able to help heal our hearts.

We are forever grateful, and I know, when the day comes, she will be the first person we will call. You haven’t known love until you have been loved by a MoonSeed Ragdoll

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