Available Kittens

Update May 2021:

 Day Tripper X  Gaia

Gaia gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens on May 2, 2021

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* All kittens are reserved * 

Tiger Lilly X Day Tripper

Pregnancy is confirmed.

Due date is around June 19th 2021

*Reservations not available at this time*

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Please see Adoption Information for more on the application ---> Reservation process.

Litter Plans

Here are our intended litter plans for 2021

Litter plans are tentative. Nature always has the final say.

Day Tripper x Tiger Lilly

Expected Due date:         June 19th 2021

Go Home Date:                      

Pregnancy confirmation:  CONFIRMED!                            

Kitten Reservations:          NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Kitten Colors:     

 all blue

(all lynx)

Possible Kitten Patterns:   

Mitted and bicolor


DayTripper x Gaia

* Litter has arrived!

Arrival:                                May 4 2021

Go Home Date:                  End of July 2021

Pregnancy confirmation:   confirmed 

Kitten Reservations:         All kittens are reserved

Kitten Colors:  

 blue & seal 

Possible Kitten Patterns:   

mitted, bicolor, colorpoint

Day Tripper X Nova

Expected due date:  

Pregnancy confirmation:  Not yet

Kitten Reservations:          See  Adoption Form

Kitten Colors:

Flame, Cream, Blue Tortoiseshell, Seal Tortoiseshell

(lynx possible)

Possible Kitten Patterns

mitted and bicolor

 Hawthorn X Primrose

Expected due date:   Pre-Spring of 2022

Kitten Reservations:  See Adoption Form

Kitten Colors:

Blue & Seal 

Possible Kitten Patterns

mitted and bicolor