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About Us...

Our cats are our "pets with a purpose"


We regard our cats as family members as well as the future of the exquisite Ragdoll breed.

They are raised in our home with our 2 children and our German Shepherd, Flori. 

We are excited for the upcoming show season (even during such unprecedented times) because by showing our cats we are able to fine tune our breeding program to best conform to the breed standards.

We take great care to select breeding cats that have strong pedigrees with champion lines and also traditional lines dating back to the very first Ragdoll cats!

The promotion and preservation of the Ragdoll breed standard is of great importance to us.

We also advocate for the health and temperament of our Ragdoll kittens. The Ragdoll breed has such an amazing temperament that is sought out by many who seek the ideal feline companion for their home. 

We intend to show our king "Hawthorn" and our future queen, "Gaia", through 2020.

We anticipate their first liter of kittens before Spring 2021.

Our Ragdoll story begins with a desire to find the ideal feline for our home and family.

By defining the feline personality, traits, and temperament that would best suit our lifestyle we were led to the Ragdoll breed. 

Their docile nature, bunny soft fur, and genuine enthusiasm for human affection won us over. 

We advocate the health and well-being of our cats

We put the effort into a healthy breeding program so that you will not have to worry about potential health risks. Our cats receive thorough genetic testing to rule out any issues associated with the Ragdoll breed.


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