My name is Stephanie. I am the mother of two amazing children. I am currently a double major (BSN & Integrated Health Sciences) studying from home.


My cat story begins with a love (obsession) with animals from a very young age. I have been blessed to spend the past couple of decades amongst felines.


I have enjoyed working in veterinary medicine & volunteering in feline rescue. I fostered cats in my home for many years, and subsequently tolerated many unwanted behaviors.


After the birth of my daughter, I desired a very docile feline companion that would be well suited for our growing family. I was naturally attracted to the Ragdoll. I quickly fell in love with the breed, and that love has evolved into a passion.


One beautiful Ragdoll cat sitting on perch and looking out the window.

How I got started 

My Ragdoll journey

About Us

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud.

We raise exceptional Ragdoll cats that conform to breed standards set forth by TICA & CFA.

Our cats live in a loving and caring environment, and are never caged.

Ragdolls are very social felines & it is best for them (and for us) to be a part of the daily interactions of their human family. 

Therefore, our cats are literally raised under foot.

Preserving & Promoting the Breed Standard

Through the selective breeding & showing of our cats we intend to preserve the personality and traits that are unique to the Ragdoll.

We breed for health, temperament, and type (in that order). 

What truly sets this breed apart from all others is their docile yet puppy like nature, their ability to go "floppy" when held, 

and their inclination to be affectionate & curious.  

Conscious, Responsible, Compassionate

We are dedicated to maintaining a responsible breeding program. We strive to keep our cats stress free & healthy. We also adhere to the ethical breeding standards set forth by The Cat Fanciers Association & The International Cat Association. It is no light matter to purposefully bring life into the world. We remain conscious of our role & committed to the welfare of our cats and their kittens.   

Health is wealth 

We believe strongly in preventative veterinary care. In 2020 we enlisted the help of a DVM feline practitioner with over 40 years of clinical experience to help create a wellness protocol for our cattery. Our cats receive annual exams, vaccines, and routine dental cleanings by a licensed DVM. Kittens receive wellness exams, vaccines, and are spayed/neutered by a licensed DVM. Our breeding cats are screened for genetic & infectious disease. 



We advocate for the health and well-being of our cats

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